Thursday, October 29

Look What I Won on Ebay!

I've been looking for a little blender for my future dollhouse kitchen. I've found a couple that were okay...

Then last night I found this little beauty below!
I bid on it and WON!
It is entirely made of glass. I love the blue base! The lid comes off too!

When I finish the living room, I'll have to build my kitchen! This little blender needs a home!

My friend Mary Charles says, "Make what you can, then buy what you can't."

Blessings, Kathi


Janean said...

Thank for visiting my blog! I heart your "little" blog. Did you or a relative ever have a shadow box with miniatures?

kathi said...

I have a shadow box that's empty right now! Some of my collected minis will go in my dollhouse. I've had the shadow box for years!
Guess there has been a mini-lover in me for a long time...

Anneke said...

what a pretty one that is! so real looking, I like that one best of all the ones you showed! congratulations ;)

jose said...

perfect I like much they seem so real