Monday, October 19


I've seen several miniature swap groups and I'm wondering how to join one? I think it would be so much fun to make gifts for other miniaturists and to receive some beautiful mini accessories too! :)

Have you participated in a swap and was it fun? How does it work? Are they by invitation only? Can anyone join? I would be interested in hosting a swap if I knew how to do it...

If you have some ideas or information, please let me know!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Begoña said...

im new at this, just like you. I would love to participate, but the thing is that i'm afraid of not getting things ready on time!I dont have that much spare time...

Petra said...

hi kathi,
I like to swap too, allthough the cost of postage is more than the worth of the swapped items. it's fun.
till now I only swapped with one person, but to swap in a group must be nice too. I would join, if you wanted to start one.

kathi said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm guessing that you make, for example, five things and send them to five people or something like that? Is that how it works?
It would be fun to do a swap for Christmas?
Is that too soon?

JFolk said...

Hi Kathi, I have a group on Yahoo,, you are welcome to join, tho I like to do more swapping off the groups :, let me know if you want to swap sometime!

MiniKat said...

I just participated in a swap hosted by another blogger in our little community. It was loads of fun.

If you want to swap particular items (baby things, beach themed, holiday, etc...) you could post on your blog that you are interested and ask that anyone who wants to participate respond to the post. From there contact each person on their blog or via the email address attached to their account.

If you are hosting the swap then everyone mails their boxes to you, you repack and redistribute to everyone. Sometimes people ask that you include a few dollars for postage back to them; sometimes not.

If you host a circle swap, all you do is come up with a theme, collect the information from the players, and set the swap order. The players are then responsible for shipping what they have made, since it's only for one other person. In a circle swap Person A makes for Person B; B makes for C, C for D, etc until the last person makes for Person A.

Does that help? :-)

Petra said...

I've heard from such a swap.
F.e. 6 people wanted to play this game;-).
The first one makes a packege (theme or not) with a few items and sends it to the second. The second takes a few items she likes and put in the packet a few items of herself. And send it to number 3. And so on. Nr. 6 has to give the packet to the first person.
the idea of this kind of swap is to get rid of your doubles and things that don't match to your house or you want to present to others because you can make it - AND to be surprised by this, what others have for you. And you can pick the items you like and let the others for the others.
Hope you understand it in my strange english.

Regards from Germany

Jo said...

I was a member of CLH in the last round and Amy charged a postage fee to join - we sent our minis to her (12 of each) and she divided them into 12 boxes and posted them on to each member, so we got 12 different minis back. I think she had nearly 30 members in total, so we didn't all get the same range of minis and to me that was the drawback - I'd prefer to know exactly who's group I was in.
It was great fun and I think a themed swap works better - so each member makes something to theme, rather than random.
Let us know if you decide to host one!

Taenia said...

We use to swab in our forum. This is quite fun and I really enjoy it!

I saw post on many blog about swabs and was wondering how they start it.

Yes, please let us know if you decide to host one. I'm sure, that will be funny!

Hugs and see you soon,

Jill said...

Like Jo, I participated in the last Club Little House swap-- it was so fun! Everyone packaged their items really cute, so it made it super special to open.
If you decide to organize a swap, please let me know-- I'm VERY interested!

Anonymous said...

I belong to several on-line groups and some of them swap back and forth all the time. I do not swap much myself because of time and mailing costs but if you are interested in joining - they are glad to get more members this is one group that does a lot of swapping and I can give you the address of others if you would like.