Sunday, October 11

Floors and Molding

I'm looking at flooring for my dollhouse today. Here's the look I'd like to have. Isn't this floor beautiful!?

I'm researching the board sizes in real life so I can try to duplicate this in my dollhouse. I'd like to use skinny sticks or popsicle sticks? If anyone knows of a tutorial, please let me know!

The bookcases are almost finished. They just need some crown molding and another coat of paint. Here's a video I found on how to cut crown molding.

Piece of cake? I'll let you know! There's always another project waiting, isn't there??


rosanna said...

Hi Kathi; real boards come in every size: I have adopted the thin ones that are sold in ship models shops. They are of many different woods and largness and they are 1 mt long, You can cut them with sharp scissors and then sandpaper and varnish or wax them. I use wax on my mini floors. Rosanna

Anonymous said...

I use skinny sticks all the time now for my floors. Here is the link of when I did Christopher's room. I also did Jennifer's room this way. I also use them for fencing in some of my roomboxes. I just glue them right to the floor and I have had no problem. I stain them fist, then glue them in one at a time. After they are glued in, I sand them smooth and then put varnish on. I like the way they turned out and you stain them the coulour of your choice.