Sunday, October 4

Great Room / Kitchen Design Ideas

I've been collecting ideas from around the web for my living/dining/kitchen. I want to make this one big room into a great room. Have you ever seen a dollhouse great room?

There is another room to the left that could be the kitchen but I want to make that a craft room. Who cooks at the beach anyway? Not me!

Here are some of the photos I've found. I've been at this for quite a long time so I don't remember the links. Hope you enjoy dreaming with me!

I wish I could remember who posted this dollhouse kitchen so I could thank them! It is perfect! I love the cabinets and shelves and all of the accessories!

The one below is exactly the look I'm going for. Hope I can copy it in miniature!

This great room layout is what I have in mind. My fireplace will be on the opposite wall.

The one below is my favorite. Simple and cozy.

Check out the shell fireplace in this room! Wheels are turning in my mind right now!!

So, here's where I'll start. Finish the fireplace and build the bookshelves.

Of course I'll need a dining table. Like this one?

Maybe some cute little chairs like these??

I have one last inspirational photo to show you. I hope to take my staircase from this:

To this!

Another idea from Completely Coastal. Amazing!

That's enough dreaming for one day. Time to get to WORK!



Kim said...

I'm trying to make a great room/combo living and kitchen in Bernard's house too! I have been working on making some stools for his island this weekend. Good luck on yours- I love the staircase and I love all the inspiration photos you posted too!!

blushing rose said...

Go gettum Kathi! I've got to see this when you are done! Should be adorable!

Have a lovely week. TTFN~Marydon

Debora said...

So nice to see the pictures that inspire you. It gives a small insight in the creationprocess, from idea to the actual making. So much to choose from! And I love the fact that it is contempory.

I'll will follow

Deni said...

Thats a great idea to get photos of real life houses to get ideas
I really like that staircase!
I really found it so hard puting all those spindles in my staircase your way is much better

Begoña said...

you know what, I hadn't thought about a gingerbread house for the outside, but It's a great idea!maybe I give it a try, thank you very much for the incredible idea!!!!BTW, i love the fireplace, is great, and of course I love built in libraries, for miniatures and for real size life!

Meli Abellán said...

An excellente work!!! I thought it was a real house!!! It's just amazing and so beautifull!!!
Love it

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

The yellow kitchen and the last one with the stairway/rope are from my blog Completely Coastal. I totally would appreciate a link!!

Unknown said...

¡Qhe caos mental! Cuando tenemos tantas ideas y sólo puedes desarrolar una. La escalera te ha quedado genial. La idea de la chimenea con biblioteca es muy acertada. Cómo todo lo que has elegido es bonito haz un sorteo y la que te salga la haces. :) Besos Clara