Thursday, October 22


I want to welcome my new followers! I am so happy you are here! This is what my view was today from the parking deck at work. The sun is shining again here in Alabama and I couldn't be happier! There is a touch of fall in the air too. I hope you enjoy your visits!

There is only ONE opening left for the FIVE STAR Christmas Swap!

Just comment on the previous post to sign up!

Hope everyone has a lovely evening! I have a special post coming up thanks to Bella Sinclair!



Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Signs of fall already down in Alabama. I'm surprised. Here in New England leafs are falling fast!

Taenia said...

Hallo Kathi!

I followed your thread about the five star Christmas swab... and I was thinking about to join BUT...

I have my very last absolute horrible exam at university at the 6th of November. So I have no time to make some Christmas miniatures.
And I'm sure, that it took too long to send you some miniatures, if I make them after my exam. They will not arrive at your place until the 18th of November :-(

I would love to join your next swab and I hope that you will host another.

Hugs, Taenia