Tuesday, October 6

Here's the Plan

I've been cutting wood this evening. I'm making cabinets and shelves for either side of my fireplace. Lots of pieces to this puzzle!

Here's the plan.

I gave up on the tile idea for the fireplace. I used spackle and tiny shells instead. Sometimes when something fails, a better idea comes along.

I've been measuring (more than twice) and cutting lots pieces of wood for the built in cabinets. Now I just have to glue them all together! I think it's time to get some Legos so everything will be square!

I haven't made the cabinet doors yet. I want to be sure they fit after the cabinets are done. I'm also looking for ways to attach the doors...

These little hinges look too difficult and have to be nailed. I want my cabinet doors to open and close but there must be an easier way? What about pins? Has anyone done that?

Hope you had a good day. I love to see all of the things you creative people are making!
Did you see Sylvia's dormer?! Amazing!



zakkalife said...

Your mini fireplace looks awesome. I hope you post a picture of the final living room when it's done.

I enjoyed looking at the slide show you have on your blog. Everything is so cute in miniature.

Deni said...

Mmm hinges!
You can use card and make little hinges like the picture,there is also a thin plastic you can make hinges out of and glue them on!

What ever way you like really all depends how you want it really The doors will prolly not be opened much.... NO?

beachvintage.com said...

I love the mini fireplace idea. I have seen these with little candles all lit inside. Looks great.