Sunday, January 3

All Packed Up!

I had a long talk with the critters and told them what I was going to do about the house. Only one of them was really listening to me. The rest were distracted by other things! Seems that runs in the family...

They were not too happy about having their home organized for possible improvements. They told me they liked it as it was. Since I'm the one in charge here, I did what I'd planned to do.

Now that it's done, I see several things I want to change before I start putting things back.

I'm thinking about painting the kids room different colors, installing hardwood floors in every room except the bathroom and painting the craft room. I'm also trying to figure out where to put the kitchen!?

I'm sure all of this will keep me very busy for a while! I promise to buy NO MORE beads until some of these things are done. I really need to get the house ready for grandma, grandpa and the kids!

Oh, and I have 150 followers today! Welcome Merylu at Petite Fraise! She makes the cutest jewelry with tiny charms of polymer clay! Please go on over and say hello to her!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love your critters. They are wonderful. I like to have a cat or a dog in every room if I could but most of the animals that I could afford are not very realistic looking. I also completely redid my house last year and started from scratch. It is nice to be able to do that as I learned so much in my first year that I wanted to change things around.