Saturday, January 30

Cutting Plexiglass?

I have a problem to solve. I would like to attach my conservatory to the house. I would like for the french doors to open out into the new room.

It looks like the door frame will fit? I just need to make an opening for it.

My problem is, how do I cut the plexiglass? It is in one big piece across the entire bank of windows. I want to cut an opening in the center but I don't want to break it!

Got any ideas?


Cheryl said...

There is a special cutter for plexiglass. They are available at the home center. This is going to be a nice addition to your dollhouse.

DLSarmywife said...

The only thing I can recall hearing about cutting plexi is to put masking tape over the area you want to cut and cut through's supposed to prevent splintering. Other than that i'd say score the heck out of it, from both sides!!!

Taenia said...

I cut in the plexiglass a little bit with a cutter and subsequently break the plexiglass at this cut.
You could try to cut in the plexiglass where you want to have the opening and then break out the piece with a nipper.

I hope you'll understand what I mean ;-)


Tallulah Belle said...

OK I just understand the other post I read now.

I would leave all the glass on that one side out. We had a conservatory on one of our houses and it was just attached to the wall...there was no glass where it met the brick.

Troy said...

How thick is the plexi ?