Saturday, January 23

More Plants in Progress

Since it's cold, dark and dreary here today I thought I would make some more tropical plants.

I bought some pretty pots from BeautifullyHandmade on Ebay and they arrived this week. She really has some nice minis!

Here are some leaves that are waiting to be planted...

These are the little wooden hanging baskets I made from matchsticks. I can't decide if I will paint or stain them? I want to make some fern plants for them. I'm going to try using the coffee filters I painted. Wish me luck!

This is one plant that I finished today. It will probably go in the conservatory or on the deck.

I'm really itching to cut the holes in the house for the french door and new window. I bought a Craftsman set of saws. Now I'm armed and dangerous!

Hope you are having a nice weekend too. It's so much fun to have mini time!



A. Wright said...

Ohh the plant turned out awesome, it's gonna to look great in there. That's a great little saw set you found there, have fun!

Sans! said...

Kathi, your plants are gorgeous! They have turned out very very well. I think you should dirty the boxes. The coffee powder will do wonders. I have tried that before. Very dirtying :).

Now if I own that saw, it will really be dangerous. I don't know how to use 90% of the tools I own. But I just love buying them. It makes me feel very!

Meli Abellán said...

Kathy the plants are beautiful!!! Love the pots!!
Great work,

Deni said...

You have made them look really beautiful Kathi

Caseymini said...

Kathi, the plants are beautiful. I have to look twice to see that they aren't real! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Kathi - I love that plant. It looks great and the boxes for the hanging plants are going to look great as well. I would be very nervous about cutting a hole in my house - but then I can't cut a straight line no matter how good my tools are. LOL

Kathi said...

Anyone know how to block spammers like this from posting????

Lena said...

I´ve got an award for you to pic up in my blog!

Have a nice weekend!