Thursday, January 7

Inspiration Plants

I Googled "tropical plant images" and found this great web site - Don They make real size silk plants. There are lots of tropical plant images there and they are even kind enough to list the size of their plants. Makes it easier to copy in 1:12!

These two are the next plants I'm going to try.

A robellini palm and a fan palm.

I had both of these palms in my yard in Florida as well as many other tropical plants. Here is one of my Christmas cactus in full bloom!

This is a rubber tree plant next to my garage. I had to keep cutting it back because it got so big!

I brought a couple of my bromeliads here to Alabama. They aren't doing too well but are still alive!

This photo is from but my bromeliads looked just like this in bloom! Aren't they pretty?

My plants are tucked away in my frozen laundry room now. I have a small electric heater in there now so hopefully they will survive the winter?

It was much easier to garden in Florida. The sunshine and sandy soil made it a joy to dig and plant! Here in Alabama the soil is clay and hard as a rock. I do like planting bulbs here though. Spring is beautiful with all of the daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips! I couldn't grow those in Florida...

For now I'm gathering ideas to make more tropical plants for my dollhouse and conservatory. No need to water them and they won't freeze! Hope you enjoy the links and are inspired to make some plants too.

Hope you have a happy day!
Blessings, Kathi


Lize said...

Gardening is such a pleasure, especially if the plant reward you by actually growing and flowering!
I am looking forward to see your palms, as I have to make a few palms too, but I have been having 'miniatures block' (as opposed to writers block!)

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

I have those plants in my garden and hanging pots of christmas cactus on the porch :) The bromelliads love the humidity in summer here and they survive our mild winter well. So sad your plants have to live indoors now but you can grow things I don't dream of growing. I look forward to seeing your miniature palms!


Pamela said...

Do you know of any tutorials on making palm trees in miniature? Thanks!

Tallulah Belle said...

I am sorry you can't garden as much now :-( You could always come over here for a visit and help me...I have no clue what to do with my garden.

Palm trees are one of the easiest plants to make.

Bromeliads are on my list of plants to try.

There is a Christmas cactus kit about or at least there used to be...can't remember whose it was though.

Tallulah Belle said...


Can you email me please....

I just emailed you and it was returned to me as undeliverable.


kathi said...

Thanks Jayne! I love the email you sent to me!
Pamela, I did see a palm tree tutorial by Leslie Shepherd at