Tuesday, January 19

Sticky Subject

I have a question. I'm getting frustrated with my glue. It seems fine when first opened but after a while it gets so thick I can't get it to come out of the bottles! I've resorted to taking off the top and digging some out with a craft stick but it's still too thick. Got any ideas?



marlies said...

Hi Kathi,
When I use the bottles glue, I put a few drops of glue on a lid of a jar and I close the bottle, I then work with that bit of glue, I work with a toothpick. When I use the jar with glue I do always between using the lid upside down on, so it can not dry. Still my glue gets thicker by drying, when I finish my job I put a few drops of water on the glue and closed the jar. Mabe you can add some drops of water and stir.
Sorry for my bad english,
* marlies

Caseymini said...

Marles is right. The glue that you are using can be thinned with water....Add it carefully and I would take the part that you want to thin out of the bottle. Good luck. I have the same problem as I tend to leave the top off.

A. Wright said...

Casey and Marlies beat me to it. These are all water based so a few drops at a time and you should be all set. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I was going to say the same thing. I add water to mine as well but only a little at a time as you don't want it too watery. I use the lids off margerine containers to pour some glue on to, and work with that. I also apply the glue with toothpicks. I never leave the lids open on my glue bottles as it drys too fast. I also have a small jar that I put the glue container in upside down so that I dont have to shake the glue down everytime I need it.