Tuesday, January 5

No Good Very Bad Day

There was some good news today. I had hot water - long enough to shower. Then the pipe burst in the utility room, water everywhere. Thankfully, it's outside! Plumber is coming in the morning. I turned off the water.

I think I'll make another little dollhouse book...
Dyan is getting worse. A trip to the vet tomorrow. He had this same thing several months ago and the vet never did figure out what was wrong. Thought he ate something he shouldn't have or had a bug? Dylan really wants to eat, but I don't dare...

Another day with NO minis. I did gather some ideas for tropical plants I want to make.

I also shopped around for some french doors for the house. Thanks for your encouragement and suggestions about cutting the hole. I am planning to attach the conservatory to the house.

These are the doors I found online.

These are the ones I want.

Guess I'll keep looking....

Hope you stay warm and have a really good day tomorrow! I'm thankful for my electric blanket, my furnace and my flannel jammies!

Sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Dylan still isn't feeling well. Also, wanted to let you know that the center pieces come out of those french doors so you can make them plain :)

kathi said...

Thanks Lori! That's great news about the doors!

rosanna said...

Sorry for Dylan. On windows affair: Why don't you get them and cut the grill off? the window pane is continuos and you could easily sandpaper the eventual odds and have the windows you are looking for. Mini hugs Rosanna

Claudia said...

Kathi, I hope all your pipe problems are resolved. We constantly deal with frozen pipes here, after one froze last year, my husband developed his own elaborate drip method and so far we've been okay.

I hope Dylan feels better soon! I know how worrisome that can be.


De said...

I'm sorry for your bad day, Kathi. I hope Dylan feels better soon.

I was going to say the same thing about the window grids. I needed a specific grid pattern when I used those doors so I just cut out parts of it but you don't have to use any of it.

Kim said...

Big hugs for sweet Dylan- hope the vet finds out what is going on- fingers crossed. Ugh- I have nightmares about bursting pipes! Not something you should have to worry about too much where you live though- blasted weather!! Hope your week gets better Kathi♥

MiniKat said...

Lori beat me to the bit about the doors. Great minds and all that. :-)

I really hope Dylan gets to feeling better soon. It's no fun having a sick fur-baby. :-(

I've got frozen pipes again, so we're singing a similar song there. None have burst yet, which is good. I will be so glad when we are out of this rental and be in a house we can add insulation to!

kathi said...

Hey Kat. I'm in a rental and am happy to be able to call my landlady, who calls and pays the plumber! :D

Tallulah Belle said...

Oh dear....poorly doggie and frozen pipes. Hope things pick up for you all soon ((((()))))

I'll echo taking the bars out of the french doors. it they are the same as I have it should be easy to do.

Can't wait to see your bird of paradise plant...they are one of my favorites to make.