Saturday, January 9

Potted Plants?

I'm still making leaves and looking for something to "plant" them in. Here are a few things I gathered up this morning...

I found this cardboard packaging that might work too?

I'm wondering what to use to hold the leaves in the pot? Clay? Florist foam?
What do you use for potting soil? Dried coffee grounds? Painted sand?

I hope to have at least one plant finished today? These leaves are for a bromeliad I'm working on...

It's so cold here today! I'm staying inside and dreaming of a stroll through Linda's tropical garden!

Photo from Lime In the Coconut
Thanks Linda! I love visiting your garden!

Back to the masking tape and wire with a gorgeous photo on my desktop for inspiration!



De said...

Kathi, my favorite potting mix is dried tea or coffee grounds mixed into a paste with tacky glue. Fill the pot with it and immediately "plant" your plant.

Evelien said...

Hi Kathy!

to hold the leaves I use non-drying clay like Play-doh (there are many cheap variants). Then you can change it if you want to. For the top (soil)ground coffee and tea works good.

Have fun planting!

groetjes Evelien

Caseymini said...

Kathi, if you run out of pots, there is a tutorial for making them somewhere on my blog. They are made similar to the "tin" pitchers that everyone was making a while ago from cardstock. I guess I am odd. I use floral foam. I poke the plants into that with a bit of white glue. The whole thing can be lifted out of the pot if you want to move it to a different one. As for dirt, I go out into the back yard with an old flour sifter and grab a handful. I sift it to make it fine...Cover the top of the floral foam with white glue and sprinkle it on. Amazing! It looks just like dirt!LOL

kathi said...

Casey, you crack me up! Of course REAL dirt would work! Why didn't I think of that!? :D

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Can't wait to see that bromelliad, something I want to do for my conservatory. Caseys' hint for 'real dirt' (what a crack up!) and florist foam is neat. I've used air-dry clay but of course you can't dismantle the plant once it dries.