Sunday, January 31

A Name for My Dollhouse

I woke up this morning with two new ideas! A name for my dollhouse and an idea for the conservatory.

My dear Aunt Adelaide continues to be my inspiration. Here is a photo of her at her 100th birthday party!

She still watches the golf channel, gets around with her walker and is as sharp as a tack. She finished the Harry Potter series of books right before this birthday!

So... in honor of her 102nd birthday (!) next month, I'm naming my dollhouse after her. Her last name is Beachy. I think "The Adelaide Beachy" is the perfect name for my house!

I had a "why didn't I think of that sooner" idea about the conservatory too. If the conservatory wall goes up against the house it doesn't need the glass there at all. All I need is the frame work.

I'm going to try to remove the glass all in one piece and then add the door. Should be a lot easier than cutting a hole in the glass? I'll let you know how that goes...

Hope you have a beautiful day with lots of new ideas!
Blessings, Kathi


Cheryl said...

Kathi, how about leaving the end totally off. It looks like your greenhouse is in panels anyway. I have a Lawbre greenhouse in the works and that is what the instructions are for attaching it to a house.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Never thought of that Cheryl! I'll hold it up there and see how it looks. That would be even easier!! Thanks!

Kim said...

Wonderful name!!! How great to have such a special person pop into your mind everytime you see your house :) I love it!!

JFolk said...

I think that is very special! And too is your Dear Aunt! God Bless her!!!

Tallulah Belle said...

What a wonderful tribute to Aunt Adelaide Kathi. A very fitting name.

Happy early birthday to her. 102 wow.