Saturday, January 16

Heidi Ott - I am NOT!

My dolls finally arrived yesterday! I am very pleased with them all. They are what the seller calls "budget priced dolls." I purchased all five of them for $28!

The first thing I did was remove grandma's dress, scarf and apron.

Her clothes are nice but not appropriate for the beach house. They were sewn together and lightly glued in place. I had no trouble removing them. Grandma is made of porcelain with white hair and a lovely face.

I also undressed the "little boy in checked shirt." He doesn't have a name yet. He is made the same way as Grandma.

I copied the pattern I purchased and tried to make him a yellow T-shirt this morning.

The shirt is too small! I'll have to try again.

I'm trying to make him some blue shorts too. Has anyone used fabric glue? I used it here for the hems. I'm thinking the glue is still show when it's dry?

Here's a photo I found of the perfect boy's beach outfit! I would love to know how to make a hat and shoes like this! I found lots of inspiration at!

I can only dream of being able to make doll clothes like Heidi Ott. If you haven't seen her darling dolls you really should! Her attention to detail is wonderful!

So anyway, I'm armed with scraps of fabric, a needle and thread, glue and lots of ideas. This is not going to be as easy as I thought!



Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Cut your pattern pieces out of kitchen paper towels. They are easy to try on the doll for fit and can be tacky glued to see where they need alteration before you cut your fabric.

kathi said...

Great idea Susan. I'll try that!

Dawn said...

Since your little boy's shoes are painted on, couldn't you paint him some new ones?

kathi said...

Thanks Dawn. I have a bottle of "flesh" paint sitting right here!

Monique said...

Kathy, last year I learned from a proffesional dolhouse dolls maker (and dresser) in a workshop; clothes always have to be sewed and tacky glue may be used for the edges of the fabric. For the right fitting you can also use the clothes you removed! Good luck! Monique