Sunday, January 3

I Need to Clean House!

I've been thinking this morning. About miniatures, of course. Since I bought my dollhouse last year I have been learning how to do many, many things!

Thanks to everyone who has inspired me, encouraged me, shared your secrets with me and offered wonderful tutorials! It seems like everyday I find something else I want to try to do!

As I sit here today, looking at my first and only dollhouse, I realize that I really need to settle down and FOCUS! I have so many projects in mind and in the works that nothing is getting finished! My little house is a mess and I'm starting to misplace things!

A friend of mine was blogging about organizing and packing up her Christmas things by room. I think I need to do that with my dollhouse! I have kitchen things in the bedroom, kids things in the bathroom, Christmas things everywhere! I really need to empty the house and start over!!

So today, that is my plan. I'm going to sort and pack up everything by room and clean house! Who knows what I'll find or what projects I will be inspired to do once the house is empty again? I hope I don't get distracted and start something else...



MiniKat said...

I keep mini Christmas decor in one of those multi-compartmented craft storage boxes. The ones that look like tackle box inserts.

Good luck with the house cleaning! :-)

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

'Focus', lol! I think every miniaturists mind is a muddle of future projects and plans Kathi!
Good luck with getting organised!