Friday, January 29

I had fun setting up this little scene to show you more of the plants I've made. The background photo is from Sanibel Toot's great blog. I enjoy visiting her when I need a beach fix. Her videos will take you there too!

Love this little flamingo I found. Isn't he just too cute?

Here's the staghorn fern I just finished. I like how it turned out.

I want to make another larger palm tree to add to the one above. I used Leslie Shepherd's tutorial at Most of these plants will go in the conservatory. Building that is on my "to do" list for the weekend.

Hope you have a sunny day!



Caseymini said...

Kathi, your plants are incredible. I have never seen anybody attempt a Staghorn Fern in mini before. Great work!

Evelien said...

You're really good at making plants! The setting you created looks lovely.

groetjes Evelien

Maria said...

Here is SOOO cold (-20 degrees of celsius) that this was nice warm memory of the summer :)

Meli Abellán said...

It's nice to see a summer pic!!! It's a bit cold for us here. Not like Maria's just arroung 12C

Kim said...

Wow- it is all great- but the staghorn turned out amazing!!! I cannot wait to see your conservatory- you are making some great things to fill it up with!

Pan said...

I love the beach scene - can't wait for summer :-)

Tallulah Belle said...

I see I have some competition :-)

I think they all look've really got the knack of this Kathi.

Deni said...

Thats what I would like to be doing right now
On a deck chair at the beach!!!
Your fern look fabulous!
The palm tree is great, cute flamingo your right!
I like Leslies site! I learn a lot from that

Taenia said...

What a cool picture ;-)

Your plants are wonderful, congratulations.

Greetings from snowy Vienna