Monday, August 23

Box Cutting

I've been working on my little bed this morning. I finally got the paper bed pattern to scale. Here you can see the bed frame I cut from a cardboard box. So far, so good?

I found more of my linen cross stitch fabric so I can cover the cardboard with that. There may be some tape involved to hold the bed together. I hope I can score the headboard and foot board without them falling apart?

If this one turns out nice I may try making one out of wood? I think the cardboard will be just fine though. My mini people aren't overweight so I won't have to worry about the bed falling apart. :D

Plus, I've got LOTS of cardboard boxes so I can always make another one if this doesn't work.


Lisette said...


Ascension said...

El armazon de la cama, te esta quedando genial.
Como bien dices, los personajes no tiene sobrepeso y la cama de carton aguantara muy bien.
besitos ascension

Beatriz Fernández said...

Te quedara muy linda al igual que el sofa.

Kim Gillian said...

I love that bed!!

Patty said...

This is looking great! You can use 3 pieces of Bristol Board glued together for a really strong thick piece of paper to make furniture with! Your bed will be wonderful!