Thursday, August 26

Have You Seen Her Shoes?

I've been following Loten nukkekotipaivakirja for a long time. I can't read a word of her blog but she makes the most amazing little shoes! Just how adorable are these Birkies!

If you haven't visited Lotte, you need to go! After you've seen her shoes, scroll down to see all of the other wonderful things this talented lady makes!

I have been so very impressed by other Finnish miniaturists too. Click here to see a list of them! I could spend a week just walking around these blogs and enjoying the sites!

Minna has a great list of links. I can't begin to name my favorites, but you can probably guess who they are! :D

I'll bet you have some friends from Finland too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy!

Thank You very much! It´s nice to hear You like my shoes!

Hugs, Lotte

Clara said...

Gracias, me voy de paseo por esos enlaces que recomeiendad.
Besos Clara.

Alienora said...

Kathy thank you very much for sharing with us with this blog!