Wednesday, August 25

Making The Bed

I've been making my little bed. I used heavy card stock and covered it with my linen cross stitch fabric. Spray adhesive worked great.

This is just one layer. The second is waiting for the glue to dry under my handy HomeDepot 1-2-3 book. I'll cut the same shapes and then glue the two together back to back.

I found some beautiful braided leather trim for the edges. Hopefully, when I'm finished it will look something like this?

Once again, I have to go off to work. I need money to continue my dollhouse projects!


Pan said...

Hi Kathi :-) Doesn't the bed look great. I am sure your version will be just as good.

Susanne said...

This tecnique looks very promising. I am sure, that your bed will be absolutely great!
Love, Susanne

elis said...

This bed looks great!

Unknown said...

Te va a quedar una cama estupenda.

Ascension said...

Te esta quedando muy bien, espero verla terminada porque va a ser maravillosa.
besitos ascension

Kathi said...

Thanks everyone! :D The plan to sandwich two pieces of card stock together failed. Too thick to fold the wings of the bed. I'm using just one now. The hardest part is gluing on the leather trim! I have to glue about one inch, wait until that dries and then glue some more...
This might take a while! LOL

Unknown said...

Estos pasos prometen un buen resultado. Espero el siguiente paso, me encanta cómo lo explicas.
Besos Clara.