Thursday, August 19

Cross Stitch Fabric

I decided the linen fabric I had planned to use for the sofa was too dark. All of my other furniture is white so I thought I would try something else. I thought I had enough of this cross stitch fabric to finish my sofa and make a chair.

Sadly, I have barely enough for the sofa. I need to get more fabric but I can't remember what kind it is!

I'm pretty sure the color is oatmeal. It is 14 count. It might be hardanger, it might be fiddler's cloth or it might be Charles Craft Aida?

I guess I'll have to make a trip to Michael's before I can continue.

Oh darn. :D


Caseymini said...

It's Aida, Kathi. Hardanger has only two threads running each way. Aida is the one with lots of threads running each way of the weave. That will be really pretty on the sofa too. I can't decide which I like best. Can't wait to see what happens with the sofa!

Lisette said...

Hi Kathi,

You can take the right white linen Aida embroidery and you can easily paint or stain to your desired color.

miniaturista said...

El aida oscura queda como antiguo y le dá más valor a las labores.
Un abrazo