Sunday, August 22

Sofa and Shopping

Sandy is very tired after going with me on a "quick" trip to Michael's. The first thing she did when we got home was kick off her sandals and stretch out on the new sofa. :D

I still need to find the right feet to finish it off. Maybe something more square? I would also like to make a boxed edge cushion. I've made them before, but never in miniature.

I went to Michael's to get more oatmeal 14ct Aida cloth to make a chair to match the sofa. Sadly, they didn't have what I was looking for. I guess I will have to order some online?

Of course, I couldn't go to Michael's without buying something! Plus, I had a 40% off coupon!

I've been wanting one of these spinning desk top organizers for a long time! I decided that today was the day to get it. :D

It will really help clean up my work area. I've been organizing that a little bit this weekend. I finally have things in the bins I bought weeks ago, but I still have lots to do!

The metal spray paint was 50% off and the beach house roof needs a touch up. I got some wood and one of the last little $1 hutches to bash for my kitchen. I also bought more fabric, pink for the Flamingo Inn. I also found a cute flamingo rubber stamp. :D

I got three bottles of fabric paint too. I'm going to try to make some pillows like this?

Image found online

I read somewhere that you can use bleach on fabric to make designs. I might try that too?

I'm really not good at making miniature pillows! For some reason they look all wonky when I turn them inside out? I clip the corners but still can't seem to get them to look right! Maybe I'll have better luck this time? LOL

Better get back to work before I end up like Sandy, on my big sofa! Shopping is so tiring! I wonder if there is anything good on HGTV this afternoon?


otterine said...

The sofa looks great! As for the box pillow, it really isn't difficult to do, even in mini. It's the basic principle I used on my old lumpy mattress. Here's my tutorial: And, if you've done them before in real life size, then you'll do great! :D

Liberty Biberty said...

Lucky Sandy, the sofa looks very comfy!

Clara said...

¡Uf! Que cansacio despues de tanta compra.
Ahora será un gusto ver el lugar de trabajo tambien bonito y ordenado.
Besos Clara.

joy said...

I love your sofa, I hope the lab is well behaved & does not chew :) x

Kim said...

The sofa looks fab!!!

Lisette said...

The sofa ..nice!
And the organizer is a good idee!

De said...

The sofa is beautiful, Kathi. I can't wait to see how the bed turns out, too.

Flor said...

Ahora mismo empiezo hace un sofá , que aun no se muy bien que haré...pero este ¡es precioso!! se antoja estar en el ( =

Tootie said...

I've seen those pillows and liked them too. I also think I am going to make some tropical throw pillows, but never get started. :( Just too much life to live and laziness; sometimes being on island time isn't good. Ha,ha!