Monday, August 16

I'm Already Distracted

I went to WalMart yesterday to get my wooden dowel. This particular WalMart also has fabric. You know I HAD to look!

I know you're going to ask what I'm going to make with this fabric? I don't know! I just thought they were pretty! LOL

I might try making some beach towels with the striped one. Others will be great for doll clothes. The one at the top is my favorite. I love paisley fabric and the colors are beautiful!

Then I saw this furniture at Russell & MacKenna. I wish they made miniatures! :D

My little sofa and unfinished chair look a bit shabby and NOT in a good way!

I think I'll try making new furniture with this fabric? The print is a bit large but I think it might work?

So you see, I'm already distracted from working on the stairs. I did get the wooden dowel I needed for the handrails. I should finish those before I start on anything else!


Clara said...

¡Quedará precioso tapizado con esa tela! Aunque te condicionará el resto de la habitación. Ya te has despistado de la escalera, aunque es mejor con estas cosas disfrutar que resoplar.:) Besos Clara.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, get the fabric at WM while you can! They are trying very hard to phase it out of all of their stores. Our store only cuts fabric from 8 until 5 even thought the store is open 24 hours and they have cut the fabric department down to two short aisles, with half taken up by yarn and other items. I have some of the same fabrics that you have there. Cool stuff.

De said...

Cute fabrics, Kathi. Instead of starting completely from scratch on the sofa and chair, you might try adding a bit more padding in the areas you want to look more rounded and slipcover your existing pieces. Some wooden bead feet would add a lovely finishing touch.