Sunday, August 15

Two Weeks And Counting

I finished the bench this morning. I love how Sonya's little beach bag and sandals look there! Thanks again Sonya! :D

This staircase project has taken me two weeks and it's not finished yet! I still need to complete the landing and make the handrails. Excuse for today. I need another wooden dowel to do that...

I'm starting to get tired of working on this, but I'm determined to finish before I start anything else!

You heard me, right? "I'm not going to start anything else." So don't distract me, okay? :D

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Please welcome MiniMe as my 250th follower! She is just starting out in this wonderful world of miniatures! Her first project is to build a little bookstore. I'm sure it's going to be great!
Thank you to everyone who reads and follows my blog. I'm so bad about welcomes but I really do appreciate each one of you!


jose said...

really you have left perfect

Ascension said...

Kathi, no se si podras aguantar el no empezar otro trabajo jejeje
La escalera te esta quedando genial, estoy deseando ver la barandilla que vas a poner.
Me encantan el bolsito y las zapatillas de Sonia.

besitos ascension

Heather said...

The bench is so fantastic. I love seeing your progress.

Anonymous said...

That little bag is so sweet. I love all your details. Okay, I'll stop distracting you now. (:

Jill said...

Oh Kathi, I'm so lovin' this. I love that bench so much-- and that beach bag is so perfect for that spot!

Okay, stop reading this and get back to work! Just kidding. You are probably one of the most productive miniaturists out there!


Eva said...

Looooooooooooooove it!! Great work!

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Well worth all the effort Kathi, it looks great! The mural worked out brilliant and the seat is perfect.

Mini Me said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! Your blog is great! I love getting inspired by others!

Happy to be your 250th! Congrats!

Nina in Germany said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.
And I ask myself, why you don`t translate my text on your PC. It must be very easy, if your frontside is from Google. Then there is a translation up in the toolbar.
I read blogs in all languages with this translation, it is very easy.
Have a good day

Unknown said...

Haras bien en no empezar otra cosa, así, aunque sea sin ganas la terminaras, ya te queda menos. ¡Animo! Besos Clara.