Sunday, August 1

New Header Photo

My dear cousin, Becky took this photo at the beach recently. I just had to put it up on my blog! Thanks Becky!

Becky is a jewelry artist and instructor. Check out her website!

Becky is encouraging me to try clay again. I think I'll leave that to Becky and all of you amazing clay artists out there!

I'm cleaning house and doing laundry today. My new dollhouse is calling me though. I really want to paint it and add the new windows and door. I have the new second floor porch railing and stairs to install too...

My second orange tree will just have to wait a while. Thanks for all of your sweet comments!

Hope you have a beautiful day.


Unknown said...

Veo que tu primo Becky es una joya :). Cuando termines con tucasa grande, empezaras por la mini. Espero tus avances. Clara

Ascension said...

Que bella joya!!!
Gracias por el enlace.
Estoy deseando ver tu nuevo naranjo y los avances de tu casita.
besitos ascension