Sunday, August 8

This May be A Sign of Insanity?

Okay. So I've spent my entire weekend working on my staircase project. The landing is built and painted three times. First it was white, then green, now it is white again. The staircase is painted and the floor treads repaired. The trim is measured and painted. Once. White. It's not installed. Just painted.

I need to seal the "art" on the stair risers and put some finish on the stair treads. Spray sealer and clear satin varnish are sitting on my kitchen counter while paint dries.

I built another wall to close off the underneath part of the stairs. I measured and cut and stuck my head in the house to see if it was going to look alright. I think it will be fine.

I thought about maybe putting a desk and shelves under there? I thought about what to put on the side of the wall that faces the front door. I looked at mirrors, paintings, wallpaper and welcome signs. So far all I've done is paint the wall. Twice. Once green and then white again.

I've got baseboard and trim painted. I've tried several different ideas for the side of the landing. None of them seemed quite right. I tried wallpaper, paint and molding and wainscoting. Right now it is just painted. White. I stuck a plant next to it to see how that would look.

I thought about handrails, rope pilings and balusters. I tried weathering some wooden dowels. I painted some white. I dug through my wooden beads to see if I had something I could use. No balusters or handrails so far. Just a pile of ideas on my desk.

Then I remembered a staircase I liked that had cleat hitches to secure rope for the railings. I dug around in my bead findings and found some that would work. I couldn't figure out how to attach the rope so I searched for a video to help me.

This is the one I found:

If you get this, please come over and help me!

So you see nothing of my progress on the stairs this weekend. At least you know I've been thinking about it! I'm wondering if this will ever come together?! I'm thinking that it's making me crazy!

Hope you had a good weekend. I don't feel like I got anything accomplished!

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Merry Jingle said...

Lots of thinking going on there! I know how frustrating it is when you can't make up your mind how to do things, but in the end it will look great. Sometimes it helps just to leave the project on its own for a couple of days :) And I could help you with the rope, been sailing my whole youth and did a lot of knots with the rope :D But it's a bit too long way :D