Saturday, August 14

Built-In Bench

Today's little project is making a built-in bench for under the staircase. Here's what I've done so far.

I hurt my back earlier this week so bending and stooping and sticking my head inside my dollhouse just wasn't happening! I'm feeling better today so I thought I would do some more remodeling. :D

This will go under the staircase by the front door. I think it will be a nice little place to sit down and brush the sand off your feet. Sandy feet are welcome in my house!

I'm making some baskets to go in the cubbies. I just covered some cardstock with fabric, folded them, then glued them to another piece of cardstock. When the glue is dry I'll cut them off the card.

I still need to paint and glue the dividers under the bench. I thought it would be easier to paint first and then glue, At least this time. I don't usually do that. Hope it works.

I'm going to make a cushion for the bench too. I'll show you more later.

Hope you had a good day today. We finally got some rain! Great weather for mini-making!


Jill said...

That bench/cubby is going to be so wonderful-- you think of everything! I can't wait to see the cushions.
I hope your back is feeling better soon-- back pain is... well, a pain. No fun. Take care, and get some rest!

Alma e Lia said...

We hope you get well soon, expect to see the bench

otterine said...

Back pain is so fun...well, pain in general is no fun... :\ I get migraines, so I feel for you. The bench is wonderful, and I love your idea on making the baskets!

Kim said...

how cute Kathi- what a great idea for the space! I hope you feel better soon ♥