Monday, April 23

Back to the Build

Here is the finished coffee bean dispenser. I think it will look cute on the wall behind the counter. :D

Speaking of the counter, I have a tip for you. DON'T use "Poly Stain." It has the stain and finish together. I thought I would save a step by using it. What I did was make a whole lot more work for myself!

Now I'm trying to sand off most of this finish and try to salvage the counter. You can see how this stain didn't go on evenly. I hope I don't have to resort to painting this?

I've been working on furniture and accessories for a long time. I think it's time to start building! is shipping a brand new kit to Carmen. I hope she receives it soon.

After trying foam core to make new build, I realized that won't work. The foam core really warped when I applied the paint/stucco. Now I have the original kit to work with. :D

I will need to do some kit bashing. THEN I can start building. I'm really excited about that!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Fabiola said...

The coffee bean dispenser is perfect. Nice job.
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland said...

Your coffee dispenser is fantastic.
Hugs Maria

De said...

The dispenser looks great, Kathi! I'm excited to see how the shop turns out. It sounds like such a fun project that I may try one someday. You've inspired me. :)

Eva said...

Love the cofee dispenser. Very clever ☺

Kathi said...

:D Thanks for your kind comments. I read and really appreciate each and every one!
Mini hugs!

Tabitha Corsica said...

Kathi, very often the reason those commercial shelves don't stain evenly is because the glue used to build them wasn't applied carefully and oozed out or was smeared onto the wood and not cleaned before it dried. I'm afraid you might have to resort to painting.

I only used a "poly-stain" combo once (on a RL piece and swore never to use it again!)

Re: the stain on your plexiglass. If the stain is water-borne (not oil), you might try some alcohol on a swab. Acetone works better but I think it will mar the surface of the plastic. Acetone will lift the "poly" part of the finish off the wood. You could try a wood bleach (oxalic acid) to remove some of the color if you want to see if you can start over with staining. I always use an oil-based stain. I think they go one better.

Your projects is coming alone wonderfully!

Angela said...

Il dispenser è fantastico...
Io adoro i negozi che hanno questi dispenser pieni di pasta, cornflakes, caramelle, sono molto comodi così ognuno prende solo la quantità che serve...evviva il risparmio...
ma fai solo quelli per il caffè?

Kathi said...

Tabitha, the stain is oil based. I got most of it off by softening with alcohol and then scraped it with my fingernail. LOL
Someone at work suggested trying non-acetone nail polish remover. I haven't done that(yet).
I did apply some regular maple stain over the sanded wood. So far, so good...
I really appreciate your help!

Modern MC said...

I totally needed a coffee bean dispenser. I don't have one of those. Looks like I missed some details, man! Your work here is quite good!

Ilona said...

You did a great job with the counter and the coffeedispenser, Kathi.
Blessings, Ilona