Tuesday, April 17

I have a long, long list of things to do for my coffee shop. I've finally decided on the colors I will be using. I found this interior design idea online. Love the ceiling!

I want to try making these things in miniature.

The coffee dispenser reminds me of the little hot water heater I made. I bought this display cabinet. I'm not sure if I will use it. I may just build my own counter like the one in the inspiration photo above?

I purchased some of Blake's handmade donuts and pastries for the shop.

I have had no success with clay! I know there are many great mini food artists out there, but I want to support a young man who is just getting started. Blake's Etsy shop is "A Bohemian Bazaar."

I received GOOD NEWS from Miniatures.com yesterday. They will ship a new loft kit to Carmen at a much better rate that the post office or UPS! :D

Hope you have a lovely day!


De said...

Kathi, when I made my coffee pot for my diner, I used a one of the foam based wine corks for the main pot and added findings and beads and such for all the spouts, lids, knobs, etc. It worked really well and the finished pot looks great.

Love the colors...and the ceiling.

Lucille said...

Love your colours, Kathi. I find colours are always hard to pick. Good luck with the contest! The food looks great! The young man is very talented!

Sans! said...

I am sure you will do a great job Kathi!

Giac said...

Hi Kathi,
Love the color combination. It looks very fresh and modern. It will look great!