Wednesday, April 25

Trees On Streets

According to the Spokane WA municiple code, "Tree grates are required for street trees along arterial streets."  Say that five times!  :D

I know I'm getting ahead of my self again.  I'm planning the landscaping for the coffee shop before it is even built!  I found these images at the Spokane WA website.  They are great inspiration.  I really like this photo below.

This one is helpful too.  Now I know how wide my sidewalk needs to be and the correct size for my trees and shrubs.

Of course, MY trees will be palm trees!  I love making them.  I've never made any this large so that will be a challenge.  I'm thinking that I could use a carved wooden dowel for the trunk?  Martha Stewart has some cool "fringe scissors" that I might try for making the palm fronds?

I'm taking a "mental health day off" from work tomorrow.  I'm planning to get my kit out of the box and cut the new windows and door. If I can get that much done, I'll be happy!

Hope you have a great day!  I'm starting to figure out this new Blogger post editor.  I think I like it?!


Mary said...

You always find such interesting info during your research. The pictures are great. I have a pair of scissor like those, not MS, they were sold as shredder scissor.

Kathi said...

I wonder if "shredder scissors" would be less expensive than Martha's? Probably.
Thanks for the tip Mary!