Sunday, April 15

"Stuffed" Animals

Did you every wonder what stuffed animals might be "stuffed" with? I found these two cuties at my local thrift shop. Cheap cheap cheap!

They felt "squishy" and I was hoping they were stuffed with beads. They were. Lots of little beads! They are a bit larger (4mm) than seed beads and have no holes. I think they might make great pillow stuffing?

My dogs will love what's left of the toys. They always rip the stuffing out of them anyway!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Jennifer Berkeley said...

You are brave- when I was a teenager, beanbag chairs were new- I know, I know, I'm old! I made my own , covered with fabric that pictured Woodstock ( as in the music festival in the 60's) We bought a huge box of these beads to fill the chair. I was quite pleased with myself until I burst the beanbag showing someone how comfy it was. My room was in the attic, and the attic fan was on . You guessed it- beads everywhere- including my French Horn. I blew beads in band for months. At that time, they stuck to everything , and woudn't even vacuum off.

Lucille said...

Thanks for the bead tip, Kathi!

Kathi said...

That it too funny Jennifer! I can see it now! LOL
I have beads all over my floor but most of them went in the bag. :D
These little beads don't stick to themselves or anything else. :D

Minnie Kitchen said...

celery, broccoli, gotta be veggie tales!! so cute!

Jennifer Berkeley said...

I saw they were selling big bags of beads in the fabric store yesterday, and I ran he other way.