Tuesday, April 10

Coffee Shop Exterior

I'm working on some ideas for the exterior of the coffee shop. I cut "stones" from a thin corrugated cardboard box and laid them on the wall to see how they might look?

I tried gluing on some crushed shells but don't like that look at all! :{

Here is a way I found to make stucco. I mixed some of my paint into a small jar of lightweight spackle. Then I painted the board and pounced the "stucco" on with an old stiff brush.

Sorry you can't really see the texture here. It was really easy and does look like real stucco. You will just have to believe me. :D

I was inspired by this photo from the House Of Lisa this morning. Love the building on the left!

Thanks Lisa! Love your blog!

Hope you have a great day. Real life is calling me but I will continue this project later...

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Giac said...

Hi Kathi,
What a great tip for the Stucco...I'll keep that in mind when I start the exterior of my dollhouse.
All the best,