Sunday, April 29

Not a Mini Weekend

I haven't done much mini-wise this weekend.  There are just too many real life projects that need to be done.

My neighbor is leaving today for Portland and I will be helping him do some final packing and cleaning.  I really scored at his garage sale yesterday!  He had a beautiful antique vanity and bench that I absolutely LOVE!  

My bathroom does not have an electrical outlet so I have to do my hair in my bedroom.  My "new" vanity will be perfect!

I gave it a good scrubbing with Murphy's Oil Soap and then wiped it down with Old English Scratch Cover.  It will be easy to recover the bench.  :D

I'm re-thinking the coffee shop floor plan again and have decided I need more tables and more chairs!  More of the same and some new ones.  :D   The Coke cooler was an Ebay splurge.   So cute!

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!


Lucille said...

Hi Kathi! Beautiful vanity. I love that little cooler you have. Did you make that? It's so original!

Fabiola said...

The vanity is wonderful. I like the cooler.
Bye Faby

carmen said...

la máquina de cocacola es un puntazo!!

Troy said...

great find on the vanity and bench!