Monday, April 2

Color in the Coffee Shop

I've decided that my coffee shop needs some color. I like the secondary colors on the color wheel.

I also like the tetradic color scheme. I think these colors might look nicer with my neutrals?

The sofa and ottoman are not quite finished. I still need to build frames for them and cover the back cushions. I like the little yellow pillow. It adds a nice sunshiny touch. :D

What was formerly the "white bench" (upside down in the photo) has been recovered and the frame painted with Martha Stewart's "Black Coffee" Metallic glaze.

I'm going to make more modern chairs with this fun foam I found at the dollar store. Lots of colors to choose from! :D

I also want to show you how the homemade paper experiment is turning out. Only part of the paper is dry enough to cut. I will need to make another larger batch, but this just may work?!

Maybe with some color washes they will look like real stone? I do like the texture. Not bad for a mix of toilet paper, wallpaper paste and sand! LOL

I'm off the cut wood. Lots of wood. I'm planning to build a bookcase. My Easy Cutter no longer works so I'm having to use my bandage scissors again. UGH. Guess I will have to buy another Cutter. Once you have one, it's hard to do without!

Hope you have a beautiful day! :D


otterine said...

Great work on the furniture, and that pillow is wonderful! :D You can buy replacement blades for your cutter. I'm on my third. :]

Kathi said...

Thanks Brae. I got a new blade for my cutter. Tried to replace it but couldn't get the tool back together. Sent the cutter back to MicroMark and they put in a new blade. It STILL won't cut straight! Grrrrr... I may look for a different brand?

Lucille said...

Your furniture is adorable, Kathi! Thanks for mentioning that paint by Martha Stewart. I had no idea she sold paint in such small containers! I'm building a brass bed and I'm going to look into her paint colours.

Fabiola said...

Great work. The furniture is wonderful.
Bye Faby

Kathi said...

Thanks Lucille. Be prepared to pay BIG bucks for Martha's small containers! You might be better off getting some spray paint?

carmen said...

esas sillas de espuma son geniales!

Kathi said...

Thanks Faby and Carmen. I'm happy you like the furniture. :D