Thursday, April 26

Bashing The Kit

This is my project for today.  I will be cutting a new door and larger window openings in the coffee shop.

I measured twice. No. Three times! 

This will be the door to the apartment upstairs.

I'm not planning to use the loft that came with the kit.  I'll need to fill in the spaces here so I can add a new second floor.

I've never cut MDF before.  I've done some research and learned a lot.  Hopefully, I can do this!   :D

Time to fire up the saw!   Cross your fingers for me.  I hope I still have all ten of mine left at the end of the day!


Lucille said...

Good luck with your bashing, Kathi!

Caseymini said...

Kathi, just be sure that you know where the 10 fingers and the saw blade are at all times. Are you planning on raising the roof? This is exciting! Love it so far!

Kathi said...

Thank you and yes, I am still planning on raising the roof.

That reminds me, I need to re-measure that door opening. I want the first floor ceiling to be 9' tall, not 8' like the original kit.

Giac said...

Hi Kathi,
I cut my entire Manor out of 5/8" MDF. Best tip I can give you is to go slow and steady. Keep an eye on the blade. The MDF tends to dull the blade rather qickly.
Can't wait to see the result,

Josje said...

...and wear a dust mask! MDF saw dust is not good for you.
Good luck with the bash!

Fabiola said...

You're very busy!
Good luck!
Bye Faby

Troy said...

fingers crossed. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Lady Jane said...

Hate working with mdf it does nothing for the ole lungs that for sure so be sure to use a mask... Have fun with your new project.

Mad For Mod said...

Looking good! I'm working with the same kit!