Wednesday, July 4

Fun On The Fourth Of July!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  The Birmingham News caught these sweet children doing exactly what I want to do today!  In just a little while we are going to Homewood AL for their annual street party.  I sure hope they have some watermelon!

Yesterday I went to Harbor Freight and bought some new toys.  Not sure about this little saw? Not sure it is safe?  Not sure it will do what I need it to do?  I can  return it if I decide to save for the one I really want...

They had the "Helping Hands" I've been looking at.  This one has a stand for a soldering iron.  It will be great when I get ready to solder my lights.  I also got these 18" clamps and some 4" ones for smaller projects.  The prices are amazing at this place.  It was like walking into a toy store!

On the way out, I noticed I was not the only woman in the store.  There was ONE other lady who seemed just as excited as I was.
I wondered if she made dollhouses too?  :D

I started working on the second floor ceiling of the coffee shop this morning.  Mostly measuring and drawing...  These are those poster lights I found.  They will probably end up at my friend's house.  She has kids that make posters!   Had to try them out though...  You never know what might, or might not, work!

It's nice to be back working on minis again.  Enough of this cleaning up and organizing!  I felt like I was going around in circles anyway.  Moving things there, moving them back, piling things here, moving them there....   Enough is enough!

Hope you have a nice evening!

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