Wednesday, July 11

Pool Table Rails

I think I've finally figured out how to make the rails for my pool table.

Here are the parts I am using:
1/4 inch crown molding
A skinny stick painted white
1/8 inch by 1/2 inch strip wood
1/4 inch square dowel

I wrapped the flat side of the crown with my fabric.  Then I glued the painted skinny stick to it to make a "feather board."   This was glued to the square dowel and then attached to the side of the wood strip.

Here is a photo of the end of the rail.  It will need to be mitered and the fabric folded down into what will become the pocket of the table.

I looked at a LOT of websites to come up with this.  The ones about recovering a real pool table were the most helpful.

Once I get the rails completed I can then attach them to the table top.  Something like this...

So far, I haven't used any glue on the fabric.  I will pull it tight on the rail and use glue on the underside if needed.  I tried spray adhesive on a small sample board for the pool table surface.  If I am very careful positioning my fabric I think that will work?

I need to make six of these rails.  That should keep me busy for a while!  The reason I am designing my own rails is that the tutorial is not to scale.  Real pool table rails are at about 6 inches wide.  One little piece of molding just didn't look right...

Hopefully, my coffee shop will get some attention this coming weekend?  I've been think about colors again and have decided that the entire project needs to be light and cheerful and sunshiny.  :D   No black floors or ceilings.  No dark furniture.  More projects to do, more things to make!

Hope YOU have a bright, sunshiny day!


Fabiola said...

I'm curious to see it finished.
Bye Faby

Lucille said...

Looking forward to the finished product.

Melli´s Hobby said...

I´m curious. Looking forward the finished pooltable!