Saturday, July 7

Pool Table?

Now I'm thinking about making a game room above the coffee shop.  There is just not room for a sports bar or stage. Every game room needs a pool table, right?

This morning I started looking for information on how to make a miniature pool table.  I LOVE this real pool table designed by Michael Wells,  found at

De at De-Lightful Minis made a pool table for her saloon.  She used a tutorial she found at One Lucky Bug.  I think De's table turned out great!  :D

I want mine to be more modern, like my inspiration table.  I cut the top from 1/8" basswood.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to build the rails and do the ball pockets. 

Looking at REAL life projects is always helpful to me.  This site gives complete instructions on how to build your own real pool table.  Yikes!  Does anyone actually do that?!!

I could just buy a little pool table.  Like this one on Ebay at Carolyn's Miniatures.  Sadly, it is not within my budget!

I did bid on a Hallmark collectable ornament that I think will be perfect for a game room.  If I win, I will post it.  It's another splurge, but like the Coke machine, not something I could make myself.

Mary Charles @ Mary's Dolls and Dollhouse store here in Birmingham once told me, " if you see something you like and don't think you can make it yoursef, then buy it."  I haven't visited Mary Charles recently.  I wonder if she has some flooring I might like?

If I am ever going to finish this project I am going to have to stop coming up with new ideas!

Hope you have a great day!


Fabiola said...

Yes, a pool table is perfect for your project. I'm curious to see it.
Bye Faby

Idske said...

I think it's a great idea! Look forward to seeing it finished!

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

I think this will be great, somewhere for the boys to hang out

Jennifer said...

Great idea! Pinball machine ?

Ana Correia said...

Love the pool table, great idea :)