Thursday, July 19

Remember the little chair I made for the coffee shop?  The one made with fun foam and wire?  I couldn't find it this morning.

I wandered around looking in trays and boxes of things I have made and collected for the shop. All I could think was, "where is my chair?" I finally found it.

I also found a great tile design for the downstairs floor that matches my chair perfectly!  Here's a peek. :D

I have 12" x 17" floor to make. Lots of little tiles to cut and paste. The design is by Stu Neyland. I am using it with his permission from Villa Lagoon Tile. Thank you!!!

My pool table is waiting for my new Easy Cutter from MicroMark. No sense trying to cut all of those angles with my bandage scissors. Right now, it's in a bag...

The upstairs ceiling is a real challenge. Wiring twelve little LED lights has me a bit intimidated. I hope to find the courage to dive into this project this weekend?

One of these days, ONE of these things will be finished!  Promise.

I see so many of you posting completed projects. Beautiful things. Perfectly made. Me?  I post ideas. Works in progress. Occasionally you may see something DONE.

If you stick around long enough!  :D

Thanks for following my blog!  Welcome new followers and faithful friends too! ❤ 


Mad For Mod said...

You have wonderful ideas. It takes time to finish projects. I love that little chair I'd like to see more of it.

Ascension said...

Me encanta seguirte en tus proyectos, tus ideas son siempre geniales.
besitos ascension

Pepper said...

As long as your making something, you're moving forward. Your projects will all come together in the end. I think you need to let yourself have fun rather than impose pressure of deadlines =0)

I hope you give the LED's a go. I burnt out loads, made mistakes but learned a lot from it. It's all a learning curve.

Have fun! =0D

Kathi said...

Thanks for your encouragement. :D
I'll keep working!

Melli Hobby said...

Your chair is beautyful.
It takes time to finish projekts.
Greetings and a nice weekend