Monday, July 30

When Things Get Tough

I realized over the past few days that I need to refocus. I need to stop trying to keep up with other, more talented miniaturists.  I need to check my motivation. Who am I trying to please, and why?  Am I doing things because I want to do them or because I want to impress someone else? Has my hobby become a contest instead of a way to relax and enjoy my free time?

Last, but not least, am I having fun?  I have come to a decision. I am NOT going to enter the Creatin' Contest. I am not going to build something I don't like. I AM going to start having fun again!

I went on a little shopping spree today. When things get tough, go shopping, right?  :D

Here are the things I bought -

A new front door for the shop

Porch posts for the patio area

A dart board

New interior door                         
"Tin" ceiling tile

Now that I have my head together, so to speak, I can get back to work. No pressure. No one to please but myself.  Thanks for your encouraging comments. I promise not to whine again.

I'm going to make some palm trees while I wait for my Ebay order to arrive. I love making palm trees! I'm also going to try to add music to my blog again. Music always helps lift my spirits. :D

Thank you for your friendship. Hope you have a beautiful day!


Mad For Mod said...

Do what makes you happy! If you're not feeling it, then go on to something else. I ran into the same thing with the Spring Fling contest, so I decided to scrap it and do something else. At least you didn't throw yours in the trash like I did. LOL!

Kathi said...

I agree. I think deciding to enter that contest is what started to take the fun out of doing things. NO MORE contests for me! I'll just keep on "doin' what I do." :D

Caseymini said...

Kathi, several years ago, I came to the same conclusion. I am much happier for the choice. I don't enter contests. I do buy the kits, because they are usually great buys.

Instead of trying to please other people, I do minis for my own amusement. So much the better if people like what I am doing. If they don't like it, that's their problem. Lousy attitude, but great fun! LOL

Unknown said...

I know what you mean! I am entering the Greenleaf contest...if I get it done on time. By saying that it seems like I am doing better at getting things done. It took some pressure off. I do what I want in the contests as I have to live with the builds afterwards. So I enter not expecting to win. But it is done my way and not to impress anyone. I know that I will never be as talented as some of the people who enter, but so what. I still have fun. I was really stressing about this and this weekend I told myself "I do work full-time and I will get done what I will get done". I really wish I had the talent some people have, but I don't. If we all had the same talent it would be a very boring life. Any way I am liking what is happening to the fling now that I took the pressure off myself. But I am wondering if the contests are worth the stress I put on myself. Have a great day and keep creating. I love to look at what you do.

Marisa said...

I felt so much pressure on those DA food challeges that my work suffered I just did it to do it and I wasn't having fun.

I did do the chocolate Challenge because I wanted to make a box but I didn't like making chocolates

once I stopped worrying about it I got my groove back I'm happy if I can just get Richard to cut those things for the boat I can move on

Im going home and making more food tonight, it relaxes me and I love it..I dont think I'll ever stop but I might slow down a bit

and that's ok


Kathi said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy to hear that others have shared my "sorrows!" LOL At least we have learned something, right?
I know I have!

dalesdreams said...

This is a hobby and it should be fun for you.

I've never attempted a contest, so I don't know the pressures.

But, I do know that there will always be someone more talented and there will always be someone less talented. That is just how it is.

Shopping is always a good aide, I feel :)

I hope you come back to finding the joy in your hobby again. I always like what you come up with and you are more talented than you think you are. :) <3

mcddiss said...

me parecen unas buenas compras,y una muy buena decision ,tener un hobby que te estresa no es un hobby



Evelyne Martin said...

THAT'S the spirit!!! " I AM going to start having fun again!"

Minis should always be for ourselves. Not to please others, not to feel tortured and torn trying to achieve some unattainable goal. We move towards perfection in any project we work, this is a natural process. What really matters is to HAVE FUN while doing it! :)

And shopping is always great therapy, lol! ;)

Good to see you're back on track.

Giac said...

Hello Kathi,
I think we all get caught up in outr hobby and lose focus once in a while. I'm glad you've decided against the contest...nothing better to kill the fun of a hobby then a contest.
I can't wait to see what you do with your new purchases...welcome back to the fun of the hobby!
Big hugs,