Saturday, July 14

Forty Two Toothpicks

Casey sent me a big bag of colorful quilling paper recently.  I am planning use some of it to make light fixtures for the coffee shop.  This morning I found inspiration for another idea.

I have all of the colors I need to match this fabric.  Thanks Casey!  :D

I glued forty two toothpicks into a foam core base.  Then I started weaving. This is what I've done so far.

Not sure where I will use this little sofa?  It might become a porch swing for Grandma?  You remember Grandma, don't you?  :D

THIS is my inspiration.  Beautiful.  I love the modern, natural look.  The table is great too!

 Hope you have a wonderful day!  Be inspired!


Fabiola said...

I like your inspiration.
Your copy will be fantastic.
Bye Faby

Caseymini said...

Great idea, Kathi! I would have never thought of using the quilling paper for that kind of weaving. I can't wait to see the finished sofa.

I knew that you would find some use for the leftovers!

Unknown said...

Te va a quedar genial!!

Lucille said...

Amazing the things you come up with, Kathi! Grandma will love it!

Angela said...

Bellissima l'ispirazione, non vedo l'ora di vedere il tuo lavoro finito...
PS anche io amo lo stile moderno!

Melli Hobby said...

I love what you do with the quilling paper! I will be fantasic!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it Kathi. What a great idea for the quilling papers.

Sandra said...

Love the real life inspiration and also your mini version. Sandie