Tuesday, July 17

Where The Pets Go

I've been thinking about how to make track lighting.

I will need some flexible tubing that I can thread my LED wires through.  Something that I can punch holes into to attach my fixtures.  Maybe even something that might look like light fixtures?

Maybe it's time to go to
to see what might work for minis?

Maybe I should go back to bed for an hour or so?  It is WAY too early to go shopping!

Have you found any minis at the pet store?

Hope you have good day!


Marisa said...

if you mean the bubble wand that's a great idea I never thought to look at petco for mini lights



Kathi said...

Oh, THAT'S cool Marisa! I didn't see that! :D

Marisa said...

:) see we're feeding each others addictions.