Wednesday, July 25

Planning and Dreaming

I started planning my "new" coffee shop entrance.  On the left you see the fat front door that comes with the General Store Kit.  The other one is a 1:12 Houseworks door.  I can already see there will be bashing to do!

I'm thinking about adding an outdoor dining area to the right of the shop. So far I've measured and cut a new floor to accommodate the additional space.

I've always liked Barb's Garden Kit by Victoria Miniland.  I may try to do something like it here?  I found this video at Creating Dollhouse Miniatures.  

I may have to add another kit to my kit?!

Right now I have to wake up and get to work in the real world.  Sure is fun dreaming though...

Hope you have a great day!


Kim said...

oh- I love the idea of an outdoor space! I bet it's hard to go to work now with new ideas swimming in your head :)

Kathi said...

It is always hard to go to work! LOL
Wish I could just stay home all day, every day and make minis!

Mins said...

This is a great idea! You are opening up so many possibilities by adding the outdoor courtyard, nothing nicer than a cuppa in the sunshine... On your days off work of course!

Will you be adding a nice shady tree for your mini guests to dine under? Maybe with a few romantic hanging paper lanterns hung in it.... Oh dear, now you've got me started!!

Kathi said...

Thanks Mins! Great ideas!
I will be making trees. Palm trees.
I have made paper lanterns before. They are easy and cute too. :D