Monday, July 16

Loft Ceiling

It's time for me to make a decision about the ceiling of the coffee shop loft.  Both of these images were found at Boston Lofts, a very inspiring web site!

 I could stain the beams.  

Or I could paint them white.


I mixed up some glaze this morning using 3 parts glaze to one part of my custom paint color.  Don't tell anyone that sometimes I use my real tablespoons to mix paint! 

I tried this glaze to see if I liked it. 

Yep.  Decision made. That was easy!  Wish all decisions were so simple. 

But then again, maybe they are not so easy?  :D

Hope you have a great day! 


Marisa said...

I like it, so industrial looking :)

Troy said...

Glad to see you put thought into the ceilings. It seems to be one area that most people just ignore. I am sure that what ever you come up will be great!