Thursday, July 26

How To Operate a Mini Table Saw

I was not sure if I should even share this video?  Check out the cuts this man has on his hands! Anyway, he has some great ideas and I got a kick out of listening to him. I learned something too. Always a good thing!

This video is part of a series by Ronald James @ Ron's Dollhouses on YouTube. Go see his amazing dollhouses!

Here is another video that addresses the issue I am having with the width of my blade cut. One of these days I will invest in a bigger, better saw.

I would REALLY love to meet Ron someday. No nonsense. Great carpenter!

Thank YOU for your helpful comments and suggestions last post. Always appreciated and taken to ❤.


MiniAussie said...

I Love his videos! Thanks for sharing :))

Idskesminis said...

So useful! I never thought of making more than 1 sled, but his are simple and small enough to store. Just love the big dollhouse!

Wanda said...

Thanks for the link. I just viewed everyone of his videos. He's an unusual character, but so full of useful information. Thanks again.