Sunday, September 13

Do NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT sprinkle sand over glue to look like grout!

I remember now where I read that sprinkling sand over glue would look like grout. It was at, by Leslie Shepherd. I'm going to be the first to write a review!

Not only did it not work, the glue warped my fireplace! I don't know if I'll be able to salvage it or not. Needless to say, I am NOT happy.

I wish I had read Alice's comment on my earlier post. She suggested using soft spackle instead. I even have some of that in my laundry room!

I guess I'll try to remove as much sand as I can and give the spackle a try?

That will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm going to go eat some ice cream...

Sweet dreams!


dalesdreams said...

Awww... so sorry!

My favorite line from Steel Magnolias, "I'm not crazy, I've just been in a bad mood for forty years."

Hope you can salvage it. :)

Deni said...

Oh I know you have to put glue on the other side to make it equal, then put clear plastic over the wrong side and weight it, See how that goes!

dalesdreams said...

I'm so glad you posted this, as I would have thought it would have worked. :(

(my earlier comment was directed to your cartoon posted, btw)

Jill said...

Those tiles are wonderful- I love the color. I hope that you can salvage them! Good luck to you!

dora said...

Espero, que lo pueda solucionar, yo nunca habia oido poner arena en la lechada.

kathi said...

Thanks for your comments. I like Dora's idea.
If I am reading it right (?) she says to go work on another area of the house until I figure out what to do about this... My Spanish is not very good!

Kim said...

oh no- such cute little tiles too! I hope you can fix it. I like Dora's idea too- fixing always goes better for me after I stew about it for a bit and brainstorm. Good luck♥