Monday, September 21

Photo Storage?

I'm looking for a site to store my photos.  I've found several that look interesting.  What do you use?

I'd like to be able to not only store my photos, but edit them and make collages.

My fat cat, Henry cat.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have!  I switched to the new posting editor this morning too.  Not sure I like the new look?  Guess I'll have to fool with it awhile...

Hope you have a beautiful day!
Blessings,  Kathi


Katie said...

I use Photo Impact' not online, I bought it.....but have been using it for years, and there's so many things to do with it, I'm still learning them. There's Photobucket and Flickr online, I look at pictures in there all the time:) Good Luck!

What a beautiful Kitty!! What's his/her name? He/she looks so cozy!!


Anonymous said...

I have been using Picturetrail and Webshots. I love picturetrail because it has a lot of fun things to do and a lot of options. But my free space was used up and if I want to add more I would have to pay. So then I went to webshots . It does not give the options of picturetrail but all - it is storage.(and of course as a blogger - I have to have Picassa but I have never done anything with it.

Let it Shine said...

Don't know if you have Cosco where you are, but they ar easy and so inexpensive.

Your header is just gorgeous!!


Deni said...

I use webshots and picture trail, haven't used Flickr, I hear its good though and picasso, photo bucket I will never run out of places to put my pics! lol

sylvia said...

Hi Kathi,

The roof of the Candystore are made from wood.
This is the link:

I don't now if they are also in the USA for sale.

Claudia said...

Hi Kathi - I switched to the new posting editor, and then I switched back. I didn't like it as well - maybe I was too set in my ways!

kathi said...

I just switched back to the old posting editor too. Couldn't figure the new one out. At least as far as font sizes were concerned. May look at it again later??