Monday, September 7

Mini Drinks and Fishbowl

I've been looking at miniature fish bowls and tropical drinks for my dollhouse.

These two are from I Love Little Things at Etsy.

I also found a tutorial on for making a fish bowl and iced tea.

I'm wondering if anyone has used epoxy resin to make something? Before I go out and buy this stuff, what was your experience with it? Did it work? How do you add color to it? Can you pour it into plastic or just glass?

Here's one thing I AM going to buy! This little blender! Isn't it cute?!

I'll be using it to make margaritas like this one!

As you can see, I am totally distracted by all of the lovely little things I've found online.

This blender looks easy enough to make but I really like the one above. This one found on Ebay.

I really need to get back to the basics again. My dollhouse living room needs to be painted ...

Hope you have a beautiful day!
Blessings, Kathi


Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Kathi!
That fishbowl at the top is the same one I bought. Haven't tried epoxy resin, look forward to seeing the results if you try it 'cos those minis look awesome!

Anonymous said...

I finally tried Resin and it was so easy. Excepted color very well and I had NO pouring or setting problems. Try it, it is very easy.