Thursday, September 24

Verwy Verwy Tired

I'm so tired this evening. I just finished a little project that has taken me about a week or so to complete. Now that it's done and in the mail, I feel very worn out for some reason?

Perhaps all of that planning, concentration, and eye strain has taken its toll. Right now I can't even imagine starting something else!

Maybe a good night's sleep and a few days rest will bring back the energy I need? It's amazing how exhausting miniature making can be, but it's a good feeling having created something special for someone. I did take some photos that I'll share later...


See you soon! Night night!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Kathi, hope you are doing well! As far as storing photos, I would suggest either Photobucket or Flickr, they have free accounts you can get if you want extra storage instead of using up Blogger. You know you can just upload directly from your computer to Blogger, but eventually you'll run out of room. They use Picasa photos. So, if you want storage for your photos, try one of the above.

Have a good weekend!

kathi said...

Thanks Rhoda!
I enjoyed your post today and caught up with you reading others.
Hope you are doing well too!
We're going to the Whistle Stop Festival this Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Unknown said...

Hi Kathi,
Thanks for visiting me! I use Picasa to edit and store my photos. I like using it...very friendly. Hope you have a great weekend!