Wednesday, September 16

Quick Trip to Finland

Don't you just love finding new mini blogs to follow!?

Today I found the Happy Little Muffin in Finland. Aren't these the most realistic and delicious looking miniature foods!

Click on over to see more of Mirja's yummy goodies! Her little puppies are adorable too!

Mirja also has another blog, Such a Small World, where she shares her dollhouse miniatures.

Thanks Mirja for sharing your gift of miniature making! I look forward to following along!



Eva said...

Hi Kathi,
Thanks for your visit and comments.
If you have doubts to do the nautical lamp (or others), let me know!!
And when you have pictures of your beach house, please share it!!!
Mini hugs

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I like the miniature boat house.